Re-Imagine the Future of Taste: IFF at IFT 2019

6:00 AM

Ready to step into the future of taste? 

Join us from June 2-5, 2019 at this year’s IFT 2019 event in New Orleans, LA. We are excited to share our latest innovations with the 23,000 attendees visiting IFT, one of the largest annual food ingredient expos in the country. Our booth will showcase offerings from IFF, Frutarom, Tastepoint, and POWDERPURE, presented by over 60 IFFers across our family of brands.

A New Chapter for IFF

“IFF is in a celebratory mode at this year’s IFT event,” says Erika Faden, Regional Marketing Manager, Flavors NOAM. “The integration with our extended family, Frutarom, Tastepoint, and POWDERPURE has really taken shape, and visitors to our booth will be able to see a catalog that covers a range of food and beverage experiences blending art and science.”

“This year, we’re partnering to create products that ignite the palate and the imagination,” explains Eduardo Villagomez, leader of the Tastepoint team’s efforts at IFT."

Step into the Future of Taste with Us

“The Future of Taste is our response to the various themes and trends we observe which are shaping consumer desires for more meaningful products,” Erika explains. “We are in the business of fulfilling intentions for great tasting products which also have health and nutrition assets. Texture and color are another layer to the portrait, providing multisensorial pleasure.”

Get a Taste of the Future

Our booth will have experts from different areas of the business showcasing our latest technologies and innovations. This year, our samples will feature integrated designs which go beyond taste to offer multisensorial experiences with nutritious components. “In order to continue crafting solutions that uniquely fit customer needs, we stay current on industry and market trends; appreciating what’s relevant now and uncovering what will energize the future,” Eduardo explains. Our samples at IFT reflect our expertise in today’s trends and insight into the future.

Samples will include:
• Beverages, mocktails, and cocktails that combine taste technologies across the IFF family—fruits, botanicals, and vanilla from IFF and Tastepoint; juice powders from POWDERPURE and Frutarom; and a selection of Frutarom bubbles for a customized effect.
• Savory snacks such as berbere spiced meatballs with Tastepoint flavors
• Decadent desserts including refreshing soft-serve sorbet and stroopwafels
• Natural and sugar-reduced food and beverage samples featuring everything from IFF and Tastepoint modulation technologies to POWDERPURE natural food powders and Frutarom food protection and color

Pioneers at IFT 2019

Our teams across the IFF family are working together to reveal our latest technologies and showcase what they can produce collectively. “Our booth expresses how IFF and its sister companies make magic together, and the wonders of transformation,” says Erika.

To complement our presence at IFT 2019, Roberto Salas, Global Research Fellow, Innovation, Flavors, will be presenting “Ingredient Designs for Clean Label” as part of the “What Does Clean Mean?” Scientific Session on Tuesday, June 4 from 10:30 - 12 PM in the Convention Center.

At the session, Roberto will uncover recent insights into what consumers' want today and seek tomorrow when it comes to "clean" products for their families and future generations, and how IFF is providing options for all that clean means. Are you attending this year’s IFT event?

Visit us on June 2-5, 2019, at Booth 1925 for a sample of the Future of Taste.

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