What is your favorite raw material?

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What is your favorite raw material?

Students at the IFF ISIPCA Master of Science in Scent Design and Creation study 800 raw materials during their three-year course of study.  They all have favorites!

Shin says her favorite is the Magnolida flower, “My favorite is the Magnolia flower and Magnolia oil. To me, it is happiness. I’m not sure why, but I think of pure happiness.”

For Ashley she loves mimosa “I love mimosa – especially after our class trip to Grasse. It was the trip of my dreams, getting to be around mimosa in its early bloom. We walked through mountains that were covered in mimosa – being surrounded by the smell made the flower very personal for me.”

“For me, its orange flower absolute, particularly the one that derives from Tunisia. It’s an LMR Naturals product that has such an involving sensual deep feeling.” Stated Renan, “I’ve seen a lot of perfumes and I've read a few interviews discussing it  - however there's nothing to describe orange flower absolute unless you’re using it.  You need to feel it too understand it's influence. It truly opens a new horizon.” 

Andrew explains why his favorite LMR ingredient is narcissus, “Narcissus absolute is cultivated in a part of France near Grasse where nothing exists… within this area you’ll find this beautiful flower.  It’s a stunning earthy complex ingredient that I believe is under used in perfumery.  I would the challenge of creating a modern scent with this ingredient.” 

Does these comments resonate with raw materials that you love?

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