Future Perfumers – What does it mean to be a perfumer?

6:00 AM

IFF ISIPCA students in the Master of Science Scent Design and Creation program were asked to respond to this question during our recent video shoot.

Watch the video see what else they shared with us.

Ashley: To me, a perfumer is the person creating fragrances so I feel like it's very much putting you into the fragrance your likes, your dislikes, what moves you - kind of putting your scent memories in a bottle.

George: I know I just love smells. So it being a perfumer means that I get to experience life in a way which not a lot of people get to experience.

Emmanuelle: For me being a perfumer is making a sentence with pictures, a person, a life situation that can translate exactly in the in the soul of something …as a smell.

Athena: For me, being a perfumer is like you're doing a magic show because it allows you to create a story, use your imagination or inspiration to trigger other people's emotions and to build a dream.

Renan: I really dream about moving the world in some way and I think that creating perfumes would be just that – and that would make me feel very happy.

What do you think it would mean to be a perfumer?

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