What is your favorite Olfactive Memory?

6:00 PM

Our IFF ISIPCA students in the Master of Science Scent Design and Creation program recently reminisced about favorite olfactive memories.

Watch the video to see what they shared with us:

Renan: When I think about waking up at home in Brazil, I get goose bumps – thinking about walking towards the beach, the ocean smell among the moss and the sand when the sun is rising. 

Andrew: I think of being in a leather shop in Argentina with these brand new leather jackets or inside a restaurant where they are cooking the steaks or drinking mate.

Shangyun: I already knew the name of cinnamon but I have never smelled it before and I never tasted it before. So after that time like cinnamon was in my mind forever and once I smelled it, I will never forget it. 

What is your favorite olfactive memory? 

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