The Master Perfumer, Carlos Benaim: A 50-Year Career at IFF

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It didn’t take me long to realize that I had arrived at a place where I could combine my scientific side with my love of fragrance and I began my perfumery journey, which I have been on now for more than 50 years.” - Carlos Benaim, Master Perfumer

Today marks the opening of an unprecedented retrospective where we celebrate the iconic portfolio of our master perfumer Carlos Benaim and recognize his 50 years of work at International Flavors & Fragrances.

Carlos was born in Tangier, Morocco and later moved to France to pursue chemistry and engineering studies. His father, a pharmacist and botanist, showed him a classified IFF ad for a management training opportunity in Holland.

That was how it all began.

“The history of perfumery over the last 50 years has been shaped in many ways by the hand of Carlos Benaim. I consider it our greatest fortune that he chose to make his career with IFF.” - Andreas Fibig, IFF Chairman and CEO. Explore Carlos’ personal journey and more of his experience as a perfumer in the videos below.
Our culture has always fostered curiosity and empowerment – the ability to dream big and to see those dreams made real. Pioneers like perfumers Ernest Shiftan, Bernard Chant, Max Gavarry and Dr. Braja Mookherjee to name a few, worked alongside and influenced Carlos as his craft achieved greatness.

His volume of fragrances, created either individually or in collaboration with other perfumers, have been olfactive breakthroughs for their brands. His signature fragrances – including Polo and Polo Blue with Ralph Lauren, Flowerbomb with Viktor & Ralph and Euphoria with Calvin Klein and so many more - have become market leaders and classics.

With his natural openness and curiosity, Carlos is able to offer consumers a sensorial experience that transcend time and place, always fresh and relevant. He skillfully navigates the space between art and technology and uses it to unleash breakthrough after breakthrough. Humble and kind, he is an incredible force who has mentored generations of perfumers, and received the prestigious American Society of Perfumers Lifetime Achievement Award and the Perfumer of the Year, Lifetime Achievement Award from the Fragrance Foundation.

“Carlos, a true gentleman in every sense of the word, is also a genius of perfumery who has selflessly shared his knowledge by coaching, mentoring, and inspiring countless perfumers over the years. A master of natural ingredients, Carlos is at the cutting edge of his creativity and innovation and I’m excited, as always, to see what successful and iconic fragrances he will create for us – and our customers – in the future. His passion for his art, the industry, and our customers is unparalleled. Beyond the extraordinary pleasure of having Carlos as my colleague, I am also proud to call him a dear and lifelong friend.” - Nicolas Mirzayantz, Group President, Fragrances
Please join us in congratulating and honoring Carlos Benaim for his powerful work and achieving this 50-year milestone at IFF!

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