The Paris Climate Accord - We’re still in!

4:57 PM

IFF has a long history of embracing a sustainable approach to the way we do business. We attended the signing of the Paris Climate Accord and we continue to fully support the United States adhering to and participating in the actions prescribed in it. Today we expressed our support for the Accord in a letter published in the Wall Street Journal. We are proud to join other leaders in this space and committed to creating the future together.

Given our focus on the circular economy and vision to lead transformational changes, we see that the transition to the low-carbon economy is unstoppable. Acting on climate change is part of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The impacts of combating climate change can have a positive effect on our value chain including good health, clean water, safe communities, and the natural ingredients key to our business.

Due to the nature of what we do, we must be sensitive to the needs and desires of consumers – most of whom are demanding supply chain traceability & transparency, natural ingredients that are responsibly sourced, and companies that respect the environment and act in a socially and environmentally responsible way. This approach is also fully embraced by our employees and is part of our employee value proposition – they want to work for an environmentally responsible organization.

As a leader in renewable energy, we believe that the business case for addressing climate change is the biggest opportunity for the foreseeable future. Our customers also rely on our commitment to being socially and environmentally responsible. Our business depends on our upholding this obligation. Further, we will continue to demand the same high standards from our vendors, suppliers, and partners.

We’ve said it before and we will say it again: IFF is committed to reduce greenhouse gases and help safeguard life on our planet. It is both the right thing to do and excellent business. Our commitment is unwavering. When it comes to sustainability, we won’t accept the status quo.

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