What Does a Scent Design Manager Do?

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IFF Senior Scent Design Manager (SDM) Kristin Brunner recently held an interactive class with students in the IFF/ISIPCA program via video, where she shared her insights and experiences in working on award winning fragrances.

A Scent Design Manager’s Role in Fragrance

Kristin sees her role as interpreting emotions into fragrance direction, orchestrating and building trusted relationships with perfumers to inspire them to create ‘the absolute best’ for our customers. Just as a conductor spends time studying, exploring and analyzing music, seeking to understand a composer's vision, IFF scent design managers work in a similar fashion with our perfumers, bringing nascent ideas to fully formed, exquisite compositions that invite consumers to discover something new and magical with every sensorial experience. “An SDM is involved in every aspect of the process,” Kristin explains.

Conducting the orchestra of creation

At IFF, the role of the SDM is the critical connection in the management of fragrance development. They provide olfactive guidance and sources of inspiration to stimulate perfumers’ creativity. Their role encompasses many disciplines including interpreting project briefs and specifications, consumer insights and marketing as part of the creative process, and ensures that both technical as well as creative customer requirements are met. It involves balancing creative innovation, understanding the technical aspects of fragrance formulation, high consumer appeal, and client strategy as well as a broad knowledge of the market, categories, brands, consumers and the ability to translate these insights into guidance for Creation. And at IFF, an extreme passion for what we do!

She credits mentor Ron Winnegrad’s wisdom, “Don’t think, just smell,” as being key in for staying focused in her work as a scent design manager.

What if you could discover and explore a whole new world of fragrance?

Last year, with ISIPCA, we developed a new accredited degree program, a Master’s of Science Program in Scent Design and Creation. IFF/ISIPCA students explore various professional specializations as fine or consumer fragrance perfumers, evaluators or scent design managers, marketing, sales, and technologists, and related roles. This new program is unlike any other program in our industry. It breaks ground in teaching the foundations and pioneering advances of designing fragrances.

Graduates will be extraordinarily well equipped for careers as fine and consumer fragrance perfumers, scent design managers, technical perfumers and related roles. Together, we create the future. Join us.

Start here for a career in fragrance – find out more about applications for the 2018 Master's of Science Program in Scent Design and Creation.

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