What if there was a whole new world of fragrance to discover and explore?

10:05 AM

Recently, we had Elle Magazine visit our New York headquarters to learn more about the perfume business. We discussed how proprietary fragrance ingredients, known as “new molecules,” can offer a perfumer a competitive advantage.

Our industry is in transition, and the roles of those involved in perfumery are changing too — extending beyond the traditional aspects of art and science, and into marketing, innovation, and business management.

In our pioneering 127-year history, IFF has created iconic fragrances, introduced groundbreaking fragrance ingredients, and developed legendary perfumers, time and time again. We’re passionate about our role in creating the future – particularly as it involves the talented scent designers and perfumers of tomorrow.

Start Here for a Career in Fragrance

IFF is partnering with ISIPCA to develop future talent with a new accredited degree program: The Masters of Science in Scent Design and Creation. Unique in the industry, the IFF/ISIPCA MSc immerses students in the foundations and pioneering advances of fragrance design. Graduates will be extraordinarily well-equipped for careers as fine and consumer fragrance perfumers, scent design managers, technical perfumers and related roles.

To learn more, and submit your application, visit iff.com/scent-school.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on being a #futureperfumer – tell us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Transforming the Everyday 

Every day, IFF uses the power of inquiry to create sensorial experiences that invite consumers to discover something new. But more than that, we tap into the power of curiosity — of passionate, sustained questioning — to turn exceptional ideas into extraordinary firsts.

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