The 2016 Great Idea Award for Fragrance

2:00 PM

The Great Idea Award for Fragrance, created by CEW and IFF, identifies and recognizes those leaders in the fragrance industry who are making a difference. It is specifically for those women who are removing barriers, pushing boundaries and taking risks. They are individuals who love what they do and put their life’s work into making their vision a reality.

Rachel Field, our 2016 Great Idea Award Honoree, personifies the values of the Great Idea. Rachel co-created a revolutionary new scent experience that is changing the way people fragrance – and share - their lives.

While taking the prestigious “How to Create Things and Have Them Matter” course at Harvard, Rachel was inspired to develop the innovative concept behind oNote, a software platform for scent communications that integrates olfactory perceptions with electronics. With the creative insight and keen connections of her professor, David Edwards, the two engaged in the journey of overcoming olfactive fatigue while igniting the strong connection between the nose and the brain.

Who knew when they said “there’s an app for that” – there really was an app that could take you back to a favorite vacation, relax you when it is time to go to sleep and even energize you for a long drive…all through the power of smell? Through their company, Vapor Communications, Edwards as CEO, along with Rachel and other collaborators are working on ways to create sensorial experiences that enhance the everyday.

Currently on the market with a limited release is Cyrano, a personal consumer electronics device or a “scent speaker,” that can leverage those experiences. A user can select a certain amount of pre-programed smells through the oNote app which transmits the information remotely to the Cyrano device and produces mood medleys--a series of scents that fits the intended mood. Since the scents rotate like a fragrance “playlist,” a dynamic olfactive experience is designed - preventing the fatigue often associated when only one scent is emitted consistently as with candles or plug-ins.

In addition to Cyrano, the company also created oPhone, a scent diffuser that accompanies oNotes. What’s most intriguing about this concept is that this experience can be shared. Since oNote is a mobile app, a subscriber can send their favorite scents - through either Cyrano or the oPhone - to anyone who has the app. A breakthrough in social media, this digital scent technology has no boundaries – the possibilities for developing unique fragranced experiences and sharing them with a single friend or a group of friends makes the opportunities for this platform limitless.

Now that is a Great Idea.

IFF is proud to partner with Rachel and Vapor Communications on this dynamic new frontier in scent experiences. Congratulations to Rachel Field – the 2016 recipient of the Great Idea Award for Fragrance – we can’t wait to see what’s next on the horizon.

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