3 Ways to increase your basic sense of smell: Don’t think, just smell

9:00 AM

We recently had a chance to chat with fragrance industry veteran and author, Ron Winnegrad, on the art of olfaction and ways we can train ourselves to better noses. Here’s what Ron shared: 

The sequence of smell is more intuitive than that of thought or vision. That is why we “Don’t think, we just smell.”

Smell is represented in memory, enhanced with emotion and perceived with no thought. The outside world meets the internal features of our perceptual world.

The sense of smell involves not only the perception of a scent but also the associated memories that are evolved and the emotions that are attached to it.

When eating… 

One perspective for increasing your basic sense of smell; is by smelling consciously with FOCUS everything you eat, whatever you put on your fork, spoon, or pick up with your hands pass it by your nose first.

When shopping… 

When you are in the stores shopping for food, clothing or supplies pick the item up and pass it by, consciously with FOCUS, your nose first.

When walking… 

Also be conscious with FOCUS while you walk, smell your surroundings. Every neighborhood has its own odor. Don’t miss out on the differences. It is necessary to repeat all the time with FOCUS.

For any skill to develop; such as a sport, dance, music, smelling, constant repetition with FOCUS is a criteria. This is a learning process not a result. Be patient; try to be better today than last week.

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