Valentine’s Day Treats from IFF’s Archives

1:14 PM

We are passionate. It’s one of the inherent core values of our people at IFF. Throughout our 126-year legacy of creating sensorial experiences that touch the lives of millions of consumers, we have never wavered from our shared passion. In honor of this global holiday that celebrates love and romance, we are sharing some of our own tokens of affection with you this week via #LoveIFF.

Share the Retro Love: The IFF International Cookbook 

Published and distributed internally thirty years ago by International Flavors & Fragrances, the IFF International Cookbook consists of 64 favorite recipes submitted by IFFers and their families around the world. In the words of our former Chairman and CEO, Eugene P. Grisanti “as you pursue these culinary adventures in your own kitchen, remember these as a treasured possession shared with you from our family – a gesture as personal as it is open-hearted…joining with you across the miles [and the years] in – not a common – but an uncommon feast.

Irish Coffee Mousse 

Starting with the last course, our first pick came from IFFers in Ireland: a silky, smooth mousse made with coffee and Irish whiskey will make dessert a heady and happy experience.


Swinging back to the start of the meal, this authentic fondue recipe hails from Switzerland and can be made over a Sterno for a fun, toasty and interactive celebration.

Cuddling Codfish 

We couldn’t steer away from this aptly-named, simple and delicious dish from the Netherlands.

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