PwC Chats with Andreas Fibig, IFF CEO

7:10 AM

Did you know there are fewer perfumers in this world than active astronauts? [Tweet this]

As part of their 2016 CEO Survey, PwC conducted in-depth interviews with 35 business leaders including our very own International Flavors & Fragrances Chairman and CEO, Andreas Fibig, to gain deeper insights into their priorities and strategies.

We honor people who are the forefront of a technology and that makes a big difference for us as a company.” - Andreas Fibig, Chairman and CEO 

The pioneering spirit of researchers was just one of the many areas explored in this video; our CEO also explains:
  • Our Vision 2020 strategy 
  • Industry and technology trends including digital scents 
  • Partnerships and strategic alliances 
  • The global economic outlook and economic volatility 
  • Sustainability at IFF 
  • Workforce Diversity and Millennials 
  • Our new purpose statement and the road ahead 
Watch the video interview

The PwC US CEO interview series, their largest ever, explores current trends in detail and how leaders are driving growth. Explore their top ten findings for 2016 here.

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